Student Resources

Russian Language Translation
A great translator from different languages (in Russian).
Online Slavic Dictionaries
Russian picture dictionary with sound. A great site for vocabulary building and pronunciation practice.

Cyrillic Character Set Encoding
Using Cyrillic in Windows.
A handy site for when you are away from your computer or for those of you (shame, shame) who have not russified your computer yet.

Russian Language Sites
Great site with the huge amount of information related to Russian language.
Russian Language Mentor. A great site for practicing your reading and listening skills over the summer (or any time).

Russian Literature, Poetry, and Research Libraries

In Russian only

Reading Library
Russian Classics in Russian
Reading Library

Kulichki (English)
An incredible (and entirely legal) collection of Russian literary works on the Internet, available for free download.

Kulichki (Russian)
Библиотека Максима Мошкова

News in Russia
The week's news in simplified Russian. Good listening exercises for those of you who want to start off a little slower.
Russian news online.
The Moscow Times (English).
The Saint Petersburg Times (English).
One of the best Russian news sources.
Argumenty I Fakty

Russian Art and Culture
Russian Art Gallery
Russian Film on the Net

History of Russia
Ancient Russia

Visas and Immigration
Russian Embassy in Washington
Trip to Russia